Baby Steps

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. I've had a couple texts making sure everything was ok.
Everything is more than ok. I have some pretty big news to report.

Scott took some steps!!!!

Of course, keeping true to fashion, Scott did this while I wasn't there. I'm going to start taking more time off.
The steps were reported to be very, very tiny and with quite a bit of assistance but holy catfish kids they are steps!

So while Scott was rocking it, I was at the dentist. Yeah, who drew the short straw today. Ended the day on antibiotics for an infected tooth. LAME-O.

Looking forward to seeing all the family and friends that are coming in to visit this weekend.

It's way beyond bedtime, I'm going to drug myself up on Advil and go to bed.

Alli –   – (February 12, 2010 at 11:18 PM)  

Yahoooooooo! Way to go! Steps are steps no matter how small. Keep up the great work and stay strong.
We're doing good on our end. Trying to get back to "normal" life. Ryan got a good report from the doctor today and will continue using the nebulizer and extra feedings/pumping. We also started him on an antibiotic and probiotics so that's been an interesting experience.
Adam is doing just fine. Made a full recovery and is back to himself and those terrible twos as mentioned in a previous post. But nothing beats the first words out of his mouth "Hello Mommy, take your coat off." he slept 11 hours last night knowing that Dan and I were both here. It's been tough on him too.
Hoping for more good news and progress in upcoming blog posts.
Happy Valentine's Day to all three of you,
We pink puffy heart you guys,

Anonymous –   – (February 13, 2010 at 8:08 AM)  

Steps?!?! That's awesome!! Infected tooth?!?! That blows!! Scott you were WAY the luckier one yesterday! Keep working on those steps...I have a vision in my head for some future footage: St. Patty's beer...Scott dressed up as a leprachaun...doing a nice little Irish jig. I'm not Irish, nor do I have some deep love for St. Patty's day...however, for some strange reason, I really want to see this vision a reality...ok, maybe not the green beer, or the leprachaun outfit (if that is too demeaning for you)...but I definately am expecting the jig. Tell your PT to work on that for me :)

Keep working and enjoy loving eachother on this weekend of love!!

Jenn, Steve and Carter

missy dappen  – (February 13, 2010 at 9:42 PM)  

"Holy catfish kids" Pretty much my favorite quote of the day. Hope the weekend is bringing more and more improvements. Happy Valentine's Day!

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