Mid-day Monday Report

Few tidbits for this sunny Monday.

Lets do good and maybe not so good lists again. Humor me I'm a list girl and it's my blog so there. *sticks out tongue*

Not so good - Scott edition
*Scott broke a tooth this morning eating the worlds softest donut. Trouble I tell you.
*Scott's liver function has been getting worse - it's not bad and they are thinking it's because of the meds he's on but I of course can't forget that silly little aneurysm in the artery supplying blood to the liver. This gives me serious angina.

hmmm.... That's it for the not so good for Scott - YEAH!!!! *jazz hands*

Good things- Scott edition
*Scott has remarkable, noticeably better movements in his left leg.
*The left thigh incision looks amazing, So much better.
*Scott's standing in PT are going well. Nate is doing so much less to get him standing.
*Scott is once again using the Eva walker in PT. Some of you might remember it from last time, Eva was a life saver. I've got photos to share later.
*We just finished the most amazing homemade (right down to the broth) jambalaya and Cajun corn EVER. BigDan and Kathy rock the world. I've told Scott that I'm divorcing him and I felt it necessary to let Kathy know I was going to make a play on her man.
*We've got homemade bread pudding with a whiskey cream butter sauce waiting for us after Scott's 1pm PT.

Not so good news - non Scott related
*Ann, St. Ann, our favorite Ann, mother of Andrew, took a fall on the ice and broke her elbow on Friday. She reports that it's a small break and they expect a full recovery in 4-5 weeks. Big hugs to Ann. Heal fast Ann. We love you.
*Baby Ryan is still struggling with his RSV - Come on little man it's time to get better now.
*I have to spend my day off on Friday at the dentist getting a crown
*We're expecting 8-12'' of snow in the next 36 hours.

Good news - non Scott related
*Adam D.'s RSV is improving. He's finally eating after loosing 3lbs. GO ADAM!!!
*Donovan is recovering beautifully from his spine surgery.
*I found my mind. I lost it somewhere around last Thursday but a calm weekend, lots of time with the bestest big girl in the world and her fabulous Daddy along with a little sleep I was able to relocate my mind this morning. Turns out it was in my underwear drawer that entire time. Who knew? Maybe if I stopped living out of the clean laundry baskets I would have found it sooner.

That's about all from here for now. More updates later along with some photos.

Lastly, I need votes. Would you all like to see photos of what the icky black stuff on Scott's leg looks like? A few people have asked me via text or email and I want the general consensus before posting them. They are pretty graphic. I won't post them until maybe wed so you all have time to voice your opinions. I can always just email those that were interested in seeing them.

Later Gators

Jen –   – (February 8, 2010 at 12:57 PM)  

I won't vote on the icky black spots as those things amaze me and add excitement to my day!! But I am odd!!

Sounds like Monday is off to a good start! My Monday is going well. Nothing too exciting or awful to share. Just not looking forward to the snow report for tomorrow--I am over winter--and having no more snow sounds amazing to me!

Keep up the good work!

Love Jen

Anonymous –   – (February 8, 2010 at 1:57 PM)  

You know, I absolutely love to read your ongoing commentary. Even when things aren't always perfect you have a certain way of imparting to us lesser mortals who can barely say sometime's life sucks. Rock on Scott, glad to hear that things are rocking for you and that the bad things aren't as bad as the bad things were before. Does that make perfect sense. As far as gross pictures, I don't need to see them but am perfectly capable of going past them quite quickly if other wish to see them.
You guys keep right on going and maybe send some of that good food down Nebraska way.

The Nortons

Anonymous –   – (February 8, 2010 at 3:27 PM)  

We know how hard you are all working and thank goodnes for the good food fairies. Poor Uncle Bern, the football game irritated him so that he has sworn off the game. Handy that the season is over, now we'll see if that is true next fall. Sorry about the tooth and we hope the liver tests get better soon. So many meds will cause problems in the liver, even tylenol. Very dangerous for little people who may have taken too much. The pictures won't bother me, but I can go either way. Hope to see you all soon. Love, Uncle Bern and Uncle Lynn

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