I'm not quite sure what to write about for today's events. So I'll start with a few other items.

Baby Ryan - from the last update I got on Facebook Baby Ryan is still admitted but is responding well to treatments. Alli is now reporting that he has pneumonia and they are expected at least another day at the hospital. Please keep sending those healing, positive thoughts to them. Baby Ryan needs to be home with his brother.
Keep up the good work Ryan. We love you!

The snow sucks it! Scott and I had second helpings of Jambalaya and Cajun corn for dinner, I'm not sure how but it might have gotten better, which I didn't believe was possible. Kate stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house tonight and it makes me sad.
Our cats are both being obnoxious needy brats. And finally the snow sucks it!

I've stalled long enough now huh? You all come here to hear how Scott is doing. Scott's dental appt went fine. He needs nothing done urgently and hopefully the root canal and crown can wait until he gets home and our usual dentist can do it.

Scott's day started off well. He looked really good, ate a great breakfast and got a decent nights sleep. Went down for the first round of PT at 945, started off well. During Scott's first stand he got a little light headed. He's done this before, he just pushes through it and moves on. The second stand - the light headedness got worse and I could tell Scott was having trouble.
The third stand Scott nearly passed out. He lost all the color from his face and his eyes weren't tracking together completely.
Now, this can be from any number of issues ranging from dehydration to an early warning signal of an aneurysm starting trouble.
After PT Scott headed over to OT to do a low intensity session and I headed out to call Dr. Jacobs.
Jen, Dr. Jacobs physician assistant (PA) came over for a visit to check in. Nothing right now is glaringly obvious that there is a problem. She also checked out Scott's leg while she was there. Jen was elated with the progress on the thigh incision and took a look at the yucky calf/shin.
For right now we're just watching Scott. Watching, waiting and hoping.

Scott did do his second PT session after his dentist appointment. He just did some work on the mat with some stretching and trunk work, very low intensity.
Scott in general has been very, very tired the last two days. He's still feeling a little "woozy" in the head. We're hoping a good night rest helps set things back right.

Tomorrow we're going to jump back on the bus (assuming Scott is feeling well in the am) and go at PT with full strength. Can't slow down now, he's doing to well.

Anonymous –   – (February 10, 2010 at 7:54 AM)  

A very big AMEN to the sucking snow!!!!!!! I am SO ready for Spring ---- and SUNSHINE! I think I'm starting to turn into a ghost fish.

Love, love, love and hugs, hugs, hugs are headed your way! Keep the faith baby!


Anonymous –   – (February 10, 2010 at 8:12 AM)  

Hey kiddos,
It's your old friend Jay'me. Back from that lovely revolving flu. I'm all caught with the blogging.
Mark said last he saw you Scotty - you looked great. He said you had a really nice brightness about you. Dare we say "GLOW"...
I'm hoping to be virus free for a visit soon. I'm also hoping all is good and you just found your limit yesterday.
Mark and I watched a weight-lifter do a standing over head press then faint face first into the dumbbell rack.
Of course we laughed like idiots at him. But there you go ~ let's hope you're working has caught up with you and you just need a little rest.
Lots of love,

Alli –   – (February 10, 2010 at 4:20 PM)  

Just got a hookup in the room with a laptop, so I have read all posts and caught up.
First off, the pics of scott standing are terrific.
Second, I never knew what a difference all of these comments make until Ryan was admitted. Using fb to post has raised my spirits and has kept me positive and strong. I hope these are doing the same for you guys.
I will continue to read your updates and hope that with a little hydration scotty will return to the fancy walker tomorrow.
Thanks for all of your warm thoughts and well wishes. You really do that special love and we can feel it!
love you guys

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