Time Flies

Who is this big girl?

Seriously, I can't believe how "old" she looks.
On a side note - look at the wild hair on my kid. Can you tell it was a little humid here today?

Spent some family time together today. We watched a movie.

Took a trip to ABP (Au Bon Pain- the cafe in the main hospital)

"Mama, watch it. Don't be eyeballing my fruit."

Then Grammy and Papa showed up and K was off and running.

Yes, she is completely spoiled. Why do you ask?

We had a nice morning together. The afternoon brought our weekly Sunday visit from Bonnie. I headed home early to spend some Mommy and Katie time.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a good day as well. Scott had PT at 1pm. PT Kate was working which was great!
Scott had kind of a rough day. Never quite got his footing and was exhausted. Not surprising considering he had such a great PT day on Friday.
Again, in my absence he stood up on his own for the first time, walked backwards (assisted) for the first time and walked (forward - assisted) for a new record 18 feet.
I can take more time off Scotty, just say the word I have important things I could be doing like getting a manicure and catching up on some soap operas. I'm sure you would be running a marathon in a week if I did.

This entire weekend Scott has been a little "off". He's been super tired and his leg has been more swollen, really achy and blue toe.... yeah blue toe is so not happy. Dr. Ben paid Scott a visit this morning to just get updated. Sorry I missed you Ben.
Hoping for another good week, like last week. Praying Scott feels back to his spunky self and that we can find Scott some pain relief especially during dressing changes. I hate listening to Scott curse and groan. Not because I have such delicate sensibilities (stop laughing) but because Scott doesn't curse, groan or scream out in pain - ever. He leaves that to me.

We're outta here! Peace!

Anonymous –   – (February 22, 2010 at 11:04 AM)  

Hey Guys!!
Im so glad to hear things are going well!
Scott you look AMAZING in the new pics!
I follow the blog religiously (you got me used to it Brandi, you need to update more, I get worried if there's too big a pause between posts).
Cannot believe how big KT is, she could kick T's ass if Talise wasn't such a kamikze hugger! Raina will be walking next time you see her (maybe the next time I see her, the way she's going!).
I've got strangers asking how you're doing Scotty, I'm so glad I don't tear up anymore when I'm telling them how well its going. Keep it up! I'd much rather come visit you at home than the Hospital.
Saskija (& the Plates)
**always interested in 'True Stories from Rush' too!!

Jen –   – (February 22, 2010 at 1:00 PM)  

Awesome job in PT/OT Scott! Keep kicking some arse!!

KT is amazing and super duper cute!! Soon you guys will have to be having the "dating talk" with her.

Love ya

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