Keeping Me In Stitches

Quick Scotty update -
the arm - There is a large blood clot (we've heard reports of it starting just above the elbow and running the entire length of his upper arm up into his armpit). They removed the PICC line without any problems. Typical course of action would be anti-coagulants (Heprin or Lovanox, Cumadin) but given Scott's penchant (I love that word) for bleeding we're not treating him with any. Blood clots in the arm usually stay where they are and don't cause too much trouble. So, Scott can use his arm as he's comfortable and we're elevating it while he's resting to help with swelling and such.

Leg - as I previously report Dr. N (who has managed to escape my camera lens every time - I suck) says everything looks as it should. We talked about changing up some of the dressings but all looks good - well bad but in a good way.
As always we learn something new when Dr. N is around. The guy is wicked smart and can I just say I'm more than a little bothered that he's only a few months older than me and he's some big dog vascular surgeon and I'm well...I'm me. Imagine what I could have accomplished....
Anywho, Scott was bothered by the fact that the feeling didn't seem to be improving in his leg. We learned that it's going to take a year*ish for feeling to reach max potential and even then they are only hoping for 70-80%. I also learned some cool things about healing and some other "gross" doctor type information that I'm pretty sure you all wouldn't find nearly as cool as I do.
Thanks Dr. N for taking the stroll out to the "suburbs" to reassure us.

PT/OT - Scott did squeeze in a session of each. Carole worked him hard in OT working on trunk control and sitting balance. Scott looks a little like Mr. Burns on the Simpson's right now (hunched over, chin pushed forward) so we're working on correcting that.

PT Nate (who is single and sporting a great new haircut for those that were wondering) worked Scott to the bone again. Six stands with three minutes of rest between each one. Each one of the stands lasted between 40 seconds and 1 minute 30 seconds. Yes kids that 1:30 a new Scotty Too Hotty record. Hoping tomorrow works for getting in both sessions of PT and OT.

Blog comments - Holy heck guys you're killing me today.
Craig- we're counting on you buddy. Somebody has to help Mark, he's drunk already just planning the drinks. Plus you boys are going to have to throw down some serious tunes I'm thinking Journey and REO Speedwagon. Right Mark?
Mark - 3 little words Effin Black Cherry - mmmk thanks!
Anonymous 2 - loving it more than FB? I must know who are you? There is going to be a few men with a cool white jacket with lots of straps coming to visit you. Don't worry they won't hurt you.
S4 - why don't you bring over some cake and prove to Jen that you can share?
BigDan - I'll totally go to the Valentine's Ball. I love any excuse to have to shop for a new dress and shoes and get pretty. Sounds pretty rad to me. Caution Scott pukes when he drinks too much. Use caution with the Bourbon. :)
Missy - I'll bring my kid to rehab and we can all go crazy :) Thanks for fighting over my Scotty. You girls do so much to help him feel better mind, body and soul.

And because I love you all so much I'm going to be posting another edition of True Stories From Rush - I couldn't make this stuff up. It's a doozy. Look for it some time tomorrow.

Jen –   – (February 3, 2010 at 4:24 AM)  

Getting up to go the gym and run before work @ 5 am is only made possible with great updates!!! Scott way to kick ass in PT!!! Everytime it hurts think about brandi and that mean dance she did after she stole your Razzmatazz cupcake---

Love you and Brandi can't wait to hear the true stories!!!! Oh and I love the medical stuff bring it!!!!

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