Forgive Me

I need to beg your forgiveness. I have the most precious photos of Kate, Adam and Baby Ryan playing today and I forgot the SD (digital photo card) in the netbook that is with Scott at the hospital.
How could I have done such a stupid thing? Where was my head? Why wasn't I thinking about all of you waiting to see photos of three of the cutest kids in the world? I'm a slug.

In my defense I took the SD card out and put it in the netbook so I could download the most recent photos of Scott leg. You see, while changing Scott's dressing this afternoon I noticed that he now has exposed achilles tendon on his left leg. The black junk has eaten away so much that it's exposed the tendon.
Yeah kids, super FUN. It's not a huge spot probably just under an inch in length.

So I hope you all can forgive me, I was slightly distracted. I've never seen live tendon before (it's pretty cool).

Other than the little tendon problem, today was a pretty good day.

Kate and I went to Target and Starbucks early. Came back and made chocolate malt cupcakes with cherry vanilla frosting - Hello Delicious
Dan D. came over to start the ramp for the front door so Scott can get in the house. Alli brought Adam and baby Ryan over for a lunch play date. The kids had a blast, it's like they just saw each other yesterday and not 4months ago. Kate LOVED Ryan. She was very gentle and caring.
My parents came over at naptime so I could head to the hospital. Obviously, I'm glad I went.

Scott had a good day all things considered. Bonnie came for her Sunday visit. Sorry I missed you Bon. Have a safe trip.
Scott has made friends with another patient that has better mobility than Scott so they've been hanging out at nights. When I left Scott was sitting in his wheelchair in the community room on his floor waiting for dinner and watching the USA Canada hockey game (glad I missed the disappointing ending).
Kate is enjoying her milk and watching Dora. "Swipper no swipping". Milk is almost finished which means it's time for another round of chase before Kate settles in for bed.

I'm interested to see what all the doctors will say tomorrow. You know I'll give you a full report along with those sweet, sweet photos.

Anonymous –   – (February 28, 2010 at 11:45 PM)  

Greetings,I was just catching up on your news as I have been indisposed for 5 days with a strain of the flu that obviously was not covered by the two flu shots I had in October.I believe this one was called "What the F1".Anyhoo,we're glad to hear about the soon to be homecoming.As far as the hospital bills,my favorite line for that is the one we have used for years with Julies illness.You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.They can't come and take your 1st born for payment,although when she's about sixteen you may remember this and wonder why.Put the bills in a box.You have more important things to worry about.If you need anything please call and we'll come arunning.My cell is 847-877-7891.Nancy and Gary

Scott  – (March 1, 2010 at 12:33 PM)  

I'm new to the blog but I wanted to drop a note saying I'm thinking and praying for you and your family. I haven't seen Scott in years but we had some good times with Jenkins Band. Hang in there. You all are truly an inspiration. And your daughter is gorgeous. What a joy and blessing kids are. Hang in there! I'll keep the prayers going.

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