Some Answers

Finally got a few answers this morning. ~~YAHOOOOO~~~
Dr. Bruegger (GP) said that Scott is looking pretty good. All the tests came back with decent results, except for the DVT in his calf.
For right now we are attributing Scott's dizziness, fatigue etc on a medication that Scott had recently started taking to help him sleep. We stopped the medication (last dose was Monday night) and today Scott was feeling better. While he's still not back to where he was on Monday he's doing better. Hopefully he'll be back to where he was on Monday after a restful weekend.

The DVTs (blood clots) that were found in Scott calf yesterday may be the death of me. They are causing some significant swelling in Scott's leg which in turn is making all the horrible skin problems (black yucky spots) get worse.
We just can't seem to catch a break with this leg. It's huge, swollen, useless and a maintenance nightmare at the moment. But it won't last forever and we are seeing some small signs of improvement as it relates to feeling and movement. They are tiny improvements but we'll take 'em and do a happy dance with every teeny tiny forward step.

Scott did PT and OT for 2 sessions each. He worked really hard and pushed through the still slightly "off" feeling head. I continue to be amazed by his tenacity and drive. Wish I could find half as much drive when it comes time to get the laundry done and house cleaned. Can you say "train wreck"?

Hoping this last setback was only for a day. All the sunshine here today fills me with hope.

BIG NEWS - Baby Ryan was on his way home tonight. He should be snuggling his mommy and daddy and sharing smiles with his big brother Adam in his own home.
Homecoming are such wonderful moments, we can relate to how the Donahue's must be feeling tonight.

Remember Scott's homecoming from his stay at RUSH from May - July in 2008?

Now, that was a good day. The next homecoming can't come soon enough.

Becca and the other "lurkers" please don't be shy about posting comments. We cannot say enough about how beneficial ALL the comments are to us. It's so easy to get lost in "medical world" it's nice to have other peoples stores, comments or perspectives to talk about. It's a little piece of sanity for us.

Oh and Becca, sitting there being Scott's "recliner" made me tear up too. I too am a sap... when I let myself be.
So much of my time is spent as "nurse" or PT/OT assist (which I love and need to be able to do) but it was nice to find a moment to just be his wife.

Josh  – (February 11, 2010 at 9:23 PM)  

Keep it up buddy! I'm going to try to go ice fishing this weekend so I can stock pile some panfish for a fish fry when you get home. Don't hold me to it, you know my icefishing skills. Glad to hear the scare wasn't as scary as first anicipated. Talk to you soon, keep getting better.

Love ya, Josh & Brogan

Anonymous –   – (February 12, 2010 at 1:05 AM)  

Sorry for the set back.Sometimes meds can really screw up the way you feel.I take a bunch and have had some adverse reactions,dizziness,puking,etc.Makes for fun conversations though.More later.Keep on keeping on,we're cheering for you.Happy Valentines Day Love Nancy and Gary

Anonymous –   – (February 12, 2010 at 6:32 AM)  

Keep up the great jackson!!! Glad to hear its medication that was causing the dizziness. Hoping to get Peyton back on the slopes this weekend for another lesson and of course pizza in the pizza barn. Maddie will be dancing and Jay'me and I will be the personal assistants to our children...:)
Have a great weekend and enjoy Valentines day! See you soon!!


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