Peace, Love and a WINNER

This a horrible self portrait but here I am. Thought I should memorialize the moment where I found sanity again.

So wonderful, so peaceful, so silent. No cell service, no cars, no hospital.
I literally climbed the hill of death in 2.5feet of snow to get to the top. So rewarding.

Speaking of rewards..... drum roll please Katie

The winner is ...
Sara - the celebration- he either made a phone call (looks like a phone in his hand) or he put on his own shoes. or maybe they are just celebrating hump day
Technically he took off the shoe but we'll count it.

Taking off the shoe probably took 10 minutes and it required lots of "stuff" but it'll only get better from here.

Thanks to all of you again for the kind words of support. Once again you wrapped me in a gigantic blanket of love. I felt big and fluff and squishy, or maybe that's just my ass.
I predict my big fluff ass and I will be perfect tomorrow when I take K to see Scott and get that first bite of Kathy's famous banana bread. The bread is for the ass, the Scott and K are for my soul.

Still lots to do before this day ends. See ya later alligators.

The countdown is on 8 days until he's home.

Anonymous –   – (February 25, 2010 at 9:45 PM)  

Yay Me! lol Glad the you time went well. GREAT pics.
Squishy is good...ask me about this story next time we are together.(probably next x-mas)
I had a teacher in high school that always said warm fuzzies would see you through and cold pricklies would take you down. (something like that) Anyway warm fuzzies Sara

Brandi  – (February 25, 2010 at 9:51 PM)  

Sara - email me or message me of FB and let me know what size you would like for your shirt and a mailing address (unless it's the same one I mail Christmas cards to - I have that one).
You and your hubby have been so wonderful to us during all of this. Your support has been so overwhelming. Thank you.

Anonymous –   – (February 26, 2010 at 7:26 AM)  

So what color are you going with..... Adding a little red with brown undertones sounds smoldering hot. not quite the crazy "my heads on fire" but good.

Glad to hear Scott's working hard to help himself towards independencies. We are here to help next week. I promise I won't just show up making you have to come up with something to keep me busy, I'll wait for your call for help.

Lots of Love,

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