We HATE setbacks. They really fuck everything up. They are tiring, emotionally draining and literally physically draining.
Today was spent with Scott having a series of tests.
Started with an ultrasound on Scott's left calf. Yes, the damn left leg again. Noticeably more swollen this morning we thought DVT (blood clot) sure enough DVT, just as suspected. The ultrasound chick, Maria, whom we've had repeatedly, reported "there is all kinds of strange stuff going on down there". Oh, goody thanks for that, we love you too.
Next came the EKG - guess what kids, Scott has a heart and it's beating - YEAH *jazz hands*
Then the chest xray - Scott's one boney dude - no results reported at this time
After that came the echo cardiogram (ECHO) (basically an ultrasound of the heart) - again showing that Scott has a heart and again it's beating. No, real results reported to us from this one either.
Additional blood workups - checking Scott's heart function - normal reports from this test.

This is all a result from a tense couple of dr. conversations this morning.
Scott woke up and continued to feel lightheaded and very fatigued. Dr. Young, Dr. N, and Dr.Ben (safely home from Haiti) all visited.
Dr. Young was rather dismissive to both myself and Dr. N and Dr. Ben., as you all may remember from my showdown with the SICU doctor, dismissive just doesn't fly with me. It's a real quick way to get me to use my foot to show you to the door.
Don't get me wrong, I like Dr. Young, I really do, I think he's a great doctor and knows what he does like no other. But, I'm the best tool these doctors have in their tool box and when I'm not being listened to we will fail, Scott will fail and I canNOT allow that.
Dr. Young has been tremendously helpful in the other areas of managing Scott's on- going medical concerns. He's been a huge activist in keeping Scott pain free and he's come up with a few other great plans to help Scott get back on track with all the potty issues that come from a month long hospital stay, I'm very grateful. But this time, with Scott being weird and having lots of non-typical presentations I feel like he wasn't listening well enough.
Plus, he talked to Dr. N and Dr. Ben like they were fleas on his dog. This drives me bat shit crazy. These two men, may look like kids to him but, they have saved Scott's life countless times, they have earned respect.
If I could only pick one doctor to have for the rest of my life it would be one of them, and I have no vascular issues. I trust them so completely, and to see someone who has done so little for us treat two people whom have done so much in such a shitty way really chaps my ass. I understand hospital politics and hierarchy and the Vascular boys didn't mind it (they are used to it) but I take offense.

Phew, I guess I needed to just get that all off my chest.

Back to Scott. We brought in a "medicine specialist" which basically is a hospital internist (general practitioner) to try to get the bottom of the fainting and fatigue. Dr. Berger (the GP) is who ordered the heart work up. We're expecting to have a full picture of all his findings tomorrow.
Scott was feeling a little better tonight, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Scott had zero PT and OT today. We're unsure how the DVT in the calf is going to mess with PT, we'll cross that bridge tomorrow.

I think it's also important to tell you all why I'm so bothered by this dizziness. Scott had something very similar to this happen two or three days before Christmas which is when this all first started with Scott's left leg. Could be coincidence but until we know a little more I can't rest, I can't be settled and I can't let it go. Time will tell, I'm hoping and praying for coincidence.

A funny highlight to the end of our day was when this cute, perky, overly nice, totally clueless early-20's girl walked in Scott's room at 3:45, all the test have been done, we've had a bad day, they found the DVT's which will slow us down, we're exhausted. She bounces in and says in this very nice voice "Good news, they set a release date for you." She stopped smiling when I started laughing like a hyena. Poor girl hadn't heard about our day, no fault of hers. She was just doing her job.
She paused while I rolled on the floor laughing and then she says "well, it's not until the 20th." More hysterical laughter. When I finally manged to compose myself, I explained the day we'd had, told her we knew the process and we knew that the "release date" was more a date to make the insurance happy and less of a real release date. She was very apologetic, very sweet and maybe a little scared when she left.

Release date, bahahahahwhahhah she said release date.....sides hurting, can't stop laughing..... We'll be out of here soon enough but I'm not seeing the 20th.

Other news - Baby Ryan, is doing better. All the love and well wishes are working. He's still needing oxygen but he's getting stronger all the time and Alli reports lots of smile today.

Other, other news - Phil Harris, the Captain of the crab boat the Cornelia Marie died on Tuesday. Upon hearing this news I sobbed.
Those of you that know me really well know that I have a very strange fondness (love really) for the show The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel. I've been known to watch hours of this show.

I can admit I have a serious problem - admitting is the first step toward recovery

Captain Phil was a true character, no Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, The Hills, fake acting here. He was the real deal, out doing seriously dangerous work so I can stuff my face with some crabs. His love for his family and his job were unmatched. I'm getting all weepy again so I'm going to shut up now before you all band together and do some type of intervention.

And finally a shout out - Kathy, we know you're Scott's nurse and you kind of have to help but you went above and beyond today, everyday really. You are so wonderful to the both of us and we will never, ever be able to express our gratitude. I know that there would have been a casualty today (in the form of a fired dr or transport specialist) had you not been there to help me. You are the bomb diggity. We love that you're Scott's nurse but we are honored to have you as part of our family.

Tomorrow shall bring a few more answers, I hope.

Anonymous –   – (February 10, 2010 at 11:32 PM)  

wow that is alot to take in for me i can't imagine what it was like for you. Keep the faith and stay strong we are all thinking of you everyday.

Anonymous –   – (February 11, 2010 at 12:23 PM)  

I hope Thursday is going better. Jen is having some cupcake drama today but no worries one way or another we will have some in S1's room this weekend!


Anonymous –   – (February 11, 2010 at 6:29 PM)  

Hi! I've been creeping from a far but I thought it might be time to show my face, haha! :) I just wanted to tell you that you being Scott's recliner today almost made me misty guys are the best. And yes, I'm a huge sap!

Anonymous –   – (February 11, 2010 at 8:58 PM)  

Hi Scott! I just wanted to say hi and remind you that Jackie and I are Rootin for you, Brandi and Miss Munchkin butt. (we both had 3 of our own, so we are veteran munchkin butt parents!)

I noticed Dan's profile information this evening and still a bit unsure about his contribution in your care. Two things stood out to me...First and foremost is his relationship to Jesus Christ and secondly his music direction within his music. As a hack guitarist that withdrew from the local garage bands, I too desire to re-focuss into Christ and his people musically / worship.

Scott, perhaps I never shared this with you, even perhaps never did you sense this...But I too was one who's life changed at a point in my life. Trust me on this simple thought....Life and circumstances get so confusing and downright unfair, just not making any sense at all. I personally one night finally said...OK TALK TO ME....I'm yours....If you love me....TALK TO Me....and he did...There is a peace that passes all earthly understanding and that night it came to a very troubled man - ME!

Look Scott, if you would like to talk just have Brandi call at work and I'll give her / you my numbers so when you need a friend I can be there for you, the very least I can do and to offer you.

Well time to run...been going in to work very early and working long hours, Take care my Friend.....Paul

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