Good Days

So we've managed to string together 2 very good days.

Friday - Kate and I came down in the morning. Having Kate around for PT and OT was equal parts fantastic and ulcer causing. Trying to keep a crazy, wild dancin'
(you've seen this video,
sassy, spunky, toddler contained in a gigantic gym with balls, mats, and even a Ford Festiva is virtually impossible. But we managed it and we had a blast doing so.
Scott rocked it during PT and was taking some great strides without having someone move his left foot for him.
This kids is a HUGE, GIGANTIC, totally ENORMOUS improvement. It means it only takes one person to be with Scott while he's walking. He's not going far but it's improving.
Kate went home around lunchtime and Scott rested gearing up for round 2 of PT and OT.
The afternoon OT brought a new favorite person into our lives. Her name is Rachel and she's a custom wheelchair specialist. She started the process of getting Scott the most bad ass custom wheelchair this side of the Mississippi. Thank you Carole for bring Rachel to us. She's exactly what we needed.
And then the evening... well you all saw the spread...delightful, spectacular sushi night with some of the best people I know.
I know I promised more pictures but I'm having Photoshop difficulties that I don't feel like conquering so you'll just have to wait.
Yeah, I'm lazy like that, what of it?!?

A few hours sleep and Kate and I were back down visiting Scotty. We had a great time together. K helped me with changing the dressing on Scott's thigh incision and did a great job. She only handed me the tape but she listened, followed directions and most importantly didn't freak out.
I really wanted to expose her to some of Scott's "ouchies" before he comes home. It's going to be a big enough adjustment to having him and his wheelchair here that I didn't want her frightened by the bandages and such.
I predict she'll be a doctor in the future. She came over, looked at it, told me to put a bandaid on it and basically walked away, leaving me to finish the job. If that doesn't say doctor I don't know what does.

We took a family walk over to ABP for "lunch". I helped Scott get in and out of bed doing a stand - pivot transfer; meaning I helped him get up and standing (with his walker) and he pivots over to the wheelchair and sits down. Previously he's been using a board to slide from the bed to the wheelchair; never standing up.
Getting upright to move is yet another HUGE, GIGANTIC, totally ENORMOUS improvement. To be completely honest I didn't think he would be doing these types of transfers before being discharged. He did 4 of them in total and I needed to give him only small amounts of assistance.

Can I get a "HELL YEAH!"?

Kate went home with the Grandparents and Auntie Blue and Uncle Justin after lunch so she could nap and I came home mid afternoon.
Kate and I had a great afternoon and evening together. Not a single temper tantrum, no timeouts (for either of us) and she played independently through part of it so I could do things like the dishes and laundry.

All in all kids, this is as KICK ASS as it gets around the Witt family lately. I'm enjoying every single second of it because we know that it can all go away in the blink of an eye.

Holding some pretty high hopes for Sunday. Crossing all my fingers and toes that Kate and I get to see Alli, Adam and Ryan (oh and Dan too - although Dan will be building a ramp at the front door so I don't think he'll play much. Sorry Dan. We love you Dan. Thank you bunches Dan.). Kate and Adam haven't had a playdate since before the holidays. You know your almost 3year old is missing her friend when she cries in the car telling you
"But Mama, Adam nice boy. He no hit me and I share my dolls wif him". I can guarantee she won't want to share her dolls tomorrow but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Now if you'll excuse me, Armageddon is on and I must watch it for the 1,243,567th time.

Brandi  – (February 27, 2010 at 10:12 PM)  

So much for painting and sleep now The Fast and The Furious is on. Sigh... I need help.

BigDan  – (February 27, 2010 at 10:23 PM)  

It was precious seeing Katie... I so want to be a grandpa after seeing her. Love you guys!

Alli –   – (February 27, 2010 at 10:48 PM)  

What a terrific, wonderful, kick-ass, relieving, inspiring, motivating, happy, warm and fuzzy couple of days!!!
Can't wait for our will be pretty interesting since they haven't had time together in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. Well before Ry was born...too long in our world.
Hope you are all having sweet wonderful dream!
Love you...Alli

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