The Wait

This fucking waiting room sucks. Don't get me wrong, the chairs aren't bad, it's got a flat screen tv, decent WIFI and I have managed to have a few laughs here but.... it really truly completely SUCKS.

I got here right as they wheeled Scott into the OR. I got to talk to him and I got to talk to Dr. Chad. Dr. Chad has no idea what's going on with Scott. Scott doesn't appear to be bleeding where the sheath is in place in the groin, all the bleeding seems to be in his thigh, which makes no freaking sense to anyone. They'll go in and see what's going on. Dr. Chad has done this before, open him up and pray for the best. We are so very fortunate that Dr. Chad is so talented. I know Scott's in the very best of hands right now.

So now, I will sit in this God awful place and wait....patiently....

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