Flair For The Dramatic

Not me, not Kate but Scott.
Good grief!
The boy let me sleep (thank you Scotty) but then he decides I only get to be in his room for 5 minutes before causing trouble.

I walked in. Dr. Ben was here. We discussed how great things are going (kiss of death) we decide to let Scott eat and to remove the 20pounds of sand bags that have been sitting on Scott's incision since yesterday morning. Quick dressing change, everything looks great.
Dr. Ben leaves and Scott and I are chatting. Not 2 minutes after Dr. Ben leaves Scott gets this look on his face. Sure as shit he is bleeding out. The incision has completely opened up and he's losing a ton of blood. Heart rate sky rockets, blood pressure bottoms out and Scott rapidly approaches flat line status. Everyone flies into critical mode. Dr.'s run in, nurses get blood and work to stabalize him, and I stand patiently by Scott's head showing him a picture of Kate and talking about everything and nothing. The sandbags go back on and things start to slow down. Slowly his heart rate comes back down, blood pressure comes back up and he's no longer the color of the starched white linens.

Kate did get to come in for a brief minute or so obviously after things settled down. She was so excited to see Daddy and Scott needed to see her face.

Today it's going to be lots and lots of rest. He lost a lot of blood (they are replacing it but two major blood loss events in a little over 24 hours is not easy to tolerate).

So for now were trying to figure out how we leave Anyone have any good ideas for a sandbag holder pant combination or maybe a belt? It must accomodate 20lbs and be easily attached to the groin / upper thigh. Just kidding.....kind of....

Fuck he just said it's happeing again

Anonymous –   – (January 10, 2010 at 11:30 AM)  

Hold strong Brandi, keep the faith. SEnding lots of luv and hugs. Sara

Anonymous –   – (January 10, 2010 at 3:23 PM)  

Hang in there Scott and Brandi. We are praying for you. Our Church family prayed for you this morning. The power of prayer can help us through all kinds of trials.

Our love to all of you.

Grandpa Ron and Grandma Diana

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