Scott is Trouble

Scott has been causing nothing but trouble. Just look at him. Passed out drunk...AGAIN

Scott has been working super hard in PT.
We'd like to introduce everyone to PT Nate. Not to be confused with SICU Nate.

Say Hello!
Hey, you? Yes you!
I didn't hear you say hello. Try it again.
Now that was better. Thank you kindly.
I won't take any rude blog readers.

PT Nate is in his last year of school. So, that means we also get PT Kate to help supervise or "stupidvise" in Scott's case.
PT Nate makes Scotty work, real hard.

Just look he's making Scott sit up all by himself.

Come on Scotty - let's go it can't be that hard.

What's that you want to smack the camera out of my face. Come and get me big boy.

Awe, too bad. You lose.

He makes Scott work on standing too.

The standing is coming along. You'll notice there isn't quite as many people hovering around Scott.

Scott is pushing himself to his absolute limits with each stand. A few of them have lasted 45seconds. HUGE improvements.

Then there is OT. Scott has created a little bit of trouble. He's got the OT therapists fighting over who is going to work with him.

This is OT Becca. We like her.
Come back soon Becca.

All work and no play makes Scott a dull boy.
So I let him have some fun today.
Had a wonderful visit with Jen and S4.
They bribed their way into our room with pizza, rootbeer and the most heavenly cupcakes my fat ass has ever experienced.

We ate an obscene amount of pizza.

It was so incredibly tasty. It was from a little joint called "Piece" not far from the hospital. DELICIOUS!

Then there were the cupcakes.
Oh sweet heavens. Seriously life altering cupcakes. These were imported all the way from Indianapolis.

Scott gives them his seal of approval.

We ate so much food that S4 fell into a food coma and needed to try out Scott's new air matress bed.

I showed S4 my mean side and deflated the bed with him in it.

We have to do this to Scott every time we get him in or out of bed. It's pretty funny to watch. Scott agrees that it's more fun to watch than to be in the bed.

My Aunt Lynn and Uncle LaVerne drove all the way up from Iowa again to watch us lay around in our food induced haze. Had a very enjoyable afternoon with everyone.

Thanks Jen and S4 for all the great food. I don't think I will be eating again anytime soon.

Tomorrow will bring a few more visitors (YEAH!) and some more rest with a little sprinkle of work thrown in for good measure.

See you on the flip side.

ADAR –   – (January 30, 2010 at 9:12 PM)  

Lookin' strong, scotty. Working your ass off doesn't describe what you're doing. Keep it up so you can handle pink death in the spring when those rascals appear on our patio and eat my flowers!
Pizza, rootbeer and cupcakes...sounds like a great diet to me (not far from what I have been eating).
Brandi, introduced jenn to spinach dip at the public house...she loved it! Not the same without you there...she's such a calm eater and I am like a lion devouring a zebra :-) (we watched lion king recently)
Anyway, we took Lil A to Milw Public Museum and he absolutely loved it. Wore Ryan in the bjorn and answered the question "what is that, mommy?" about a million times...get scott home so we can take you guys was such a great experience and is something I think kt would enjoy too.
Hope Sunday is as productive as the rest of your recent days.
Love you guys!

Nate –   – (January 31, 2010 at 2:15 PM)  

Oh hellll no...Piece Pizza and I wasnt invited. See if I ever sit on your leg again Scott.

Josh  – (January 31, 2010 at 2:16 PM)  

Keep it up Cheddar! Glad to see the PT is making progress. Are those your old Jugs and Thugs soccer shorts, ha! I'll try to get down there this week. Take care.

Love ya bud, Josh & Brogan

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