Settled back in SICU. Scott has been sleeping most of the afternoon. Cherrie in IR gave him lots and lots of good drugs for this angio. I think I might get replaced.

Scott's leg looks great. The pulses are better, the foot is pinker (nice verbage Witt) and he's got better feeling in it. YEAH!!!

Some people have asked about visiting. Scott loves visitors and we welcome any and all of you. However, SICU doesn't like all of you as much as we do. They have a few rules. No kids - trust me you don't want them here anyways, too many germs. Between 9a & 9p for visits. There aren't supposed to be more than 2 in a room at a time but as long as he stays in his "private" room they let us bend that a little bit.

Time to make Scotty look presentable and shave the beard that has formed in 2 days. Hair ape husband.

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