This is Scott - you guys remember him right??? No? Well trust me it's Scott.

This is Scott sporting the latest in hospital wear. You'll notice the shoelace waistband pants. Made of the finest burlap cotton this side of the Mississippi.

It's not a worsted wool suit from Armani but it's the first clothes he's had on in 22 days.

Scott had a very busy day today. Lots of hard work. We got him up in a wheelchair. It's the same, exact wheelchair as he had last time. You might remember it.

Look at how little Kate was....awe....

Scott worked hard all day. He had lots of visitors. Plenty of old faces, Nate (SICU), Pam (PT from last stay), Carole (OT from last stay and this stay), Keira (RN turned friend last stay), Terri (OT last stay), plus the rest of the staff that hasn't changed much.
Some new friends too, Dan (Kathy's boyfriend), Nate #2 our new PT - he's in his last year of school and is being supervised by Kate who we had on occasion during the last stay.
Things are off to a good start. Scott was completely exhausted and famished

Hello cheeseburger with ranch dressing.

Scott's pain, as expected is worse tonight. They have switched up his pain medications so hopefully we'll get things under control fast.
They also moved Scott into a new room #625. Larger more spacious accommodations for the King of JRB.

Stay tuned kids... I've got another photo contest on it's way yet this evening. This time I actually have a giveaway for the contest. Super cool, dontcha know?

ADAR –   – (January 28, 2010 at 9:32 PM)  

hmmm cheeseburger with ranch...yummy!!!
Lookin' good Scotty. We're so proud of your hard work. It will pay off big when you're back home. Keep up your spirits and will power. You never cease to amaze us.
The Donahue's

Jen –   – (January 28, 2010 at 9:35 PM)  

Awesome news!!! We've got everything lined up for our date on saturday!!! Look out flying cupcake--by the way I tried the new competition cupcake camper--not nearly as good--they must not know the secret ingredient is crack to make them so good!!!

Scott you look amazing!!! Hugs and can't wait to see you!!

Love Jen

Ps I found the best card today--im mad I didn't buy it---2 dinosaurs sitting on a rock in the pouring rain and water levels are rising--in the distance is noahs ark floating away--and one dinosaur says "I forgot that was today!!"

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