For Real

I might just have to smack Scott. I gave up on his leg yesterday. It was cold, painful, blue.. all the bad things they say to watch for. And now this morning. It's pink (well pinker), they have faint tone (pulses) and it's not as painful. Good heavens. All the love - it's working! Keep it coming.

Scott ate half a hot dog last night. I'm sure it was the best hot dog ever. Reminds me of our second date. Cubs game, hot dogs....nothing better.... even with mustard.

Scott continues to struggle with being here. He's battling what's referred to as ICU psychosis. All the beeps, not moving, medications, constant noise, not enough sleep - starts to make you nuts. Scott's having delusions and he's got some confusion. When I'm around he rests pretty well because I can be there to help calm him when he has a "delusional episode".
I've got the nurses working on getting us a private room. It's really difficult here to get a private room so we'll see. I know that they are going to do everything they can to help us out. Everyone here loves Scott and just wants him to get better.

Sometime this morning*ish Dr. Ben is going to pull the sheath in Scott's groin. They have decided to do it bedside. To be honest folks, that idea makes me want to vomit. The last two times (which was during our stay in 08) they tried to pull the sheath Scott nearly died. The last time, he stopped breathing and had to be intubated and I saw his heart rate hit 18 before I looked away.
But, today is a new day. Today is not those days. Scott is strong. Scott is surrounded by love. Today will be smooth. Today will be nothing but recovery.

But just in case, I made him NPO (no food) until after the removal. The Dr's said he can eat but I'm thinking no. And right now - I win.

Mark  – (January 13, 2010 at 9:49 AM)  

Good Morning & Good Day.
Last night I made my best ever pot pies- truly made with love. I wanted so bad to send a little single serving pie with Mark today. We thought it would be best to hear for sure you can have it so as not to torture you.
All my fingers and toes are crossed that the Good Docs, Your body, mind & Mother Nature (SHE OWES YOU BIG TIME) Pulls her head out of what ever she's doing and graces your body with some predictable and normal behaviors.
I wish you fun delusions if you have any more... People break the law and pay money for that you know. Think nymphs and pink bunnies frolicking the forest. For goodness sake Alice could use a partner in wonderland.
Think warm cozies and Katie kisses,
Best best wishes,

jen –   – (January 13, 2010 at 10:24 AM)  

I knew those great jokes I sent would do the trick!!! Brandi stop rolling your eyes!!

So Scott, what do you call a seagull that flies into the bay? Yup a baygull!!!

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says "why the long face"!!!

I am not sure who enjoys these more me or Scott!!


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