The angio is complete. Scott did well. I've talked to both Dr. Chad and Dr. P. and I even got an artists rendering of whats going on (thanks Dr. P for your fine artistic skills).
The procedure was about 75% successful. They successfully stabilized the aneurysms and stopped most of bleeding. There are still a few areas that are bleeding but they are hoping that Scott's body resolves those.
The are going to leave the sheath (guide keeping open the artery in Scotts groin) in over the weekend. Scott will stay in SICU and hopefully have a calm restful 2 days. On Monday Dr. Farrell (he'll be back - YEAH) and Dr. P will do another angio (#3 in case your counting) to see how things look.
We just need to get through this weekend without any other complications.

I'm going to get some food before I get to see Scott.
Keep the happy thoughts coming....were not out of the woods just yet.

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