More fun

We headed down to IR (interventional radiology - HI Mark). As we turned the corner Scott started bleeding again. Let me tell you IR is not the place for bleeding of that volume. One Dr. had her hands on Scott's thigh, 2 10lb sandbags on top of her hands and my forearms with all my upper body weight on top of that, it still didn't stop.
Dr. Ben ran from an OR, Jen (the PA from Dr. Jacobs office) came over to assist, everyone jumped on board. They placed a triple lumen line in Scott's neck at the bedside. Fortunately it worked well because Scott no longer has IV access in his arms.
We achieved our objectives (get better access for blood product) but it wasn't without it's set backs.
Scott is exhausted but stable. We're back in SICU. We had to move to room 517 because Scott needs his own nurse. See Scotty you misbehave and you end up in a 3 person room.
Mark stopped by for a visit. Scott even let me leave long enough to eat something.

Forget our 24 hours - were just taking it one hour at a time for right now.

Scott is exhausting their blood bank, if you feel so inclined please go donate blood.

Anonymous –   – (January 11, 2010 at 1:36 PM)  

These are direct orders from aunt Debbie.....
She is done palyin around get your ass better and get home.

She also mentioned somethin about cake and overnight delivery but not til you learn to behave for Brandi!

jen –   – (January 11, 2010 at 1:41 PM)  

Scott and Brandi

Love you lots and lots!!! Hugs and more hugs are being sent your way!!!

Love Jen and S4

Anonymous –   – (January 11, 2010 at 2:01 PM)  

Hi Scott and Brandi. Man, the shoes just keep fallin on your heads over there. I hope you get a break and some rest starting NOW...please let this "hour" be a quiet one. I know you all are trying as hard as you can, keep it up.

I wish I could be over there more with you guys. I'm feeling like I imagine so many of your friends and family feel wishing they could come see you more, offer hugs and bring a smile. I'm looking out my window toward you, sending lots of love and good thoughts...can you feel it?

High heels huh Brandi, come on woman. You need to stop making the rest of us Moms look so bad. I've seen you recently in sweater dresses, leggings and boots. I show up in sweats and a ratty-ass t-shirt. If you need to borrow some gym shoes and sweatpants just let me know. What, I took my biweekly shower today!

So this morning I take off Andrew's very wet diaper, throw it in the trash and open his drawer for another. No diapers. I always have a few in his diaper bag and have gone to them before in this situation. Diaper bag must be in the car. So I put his pants on, get him in the carseat (might as well head to the store for more diapers), but no diaper bag. It must be in Nancy's van that's out on the street somewhere. I don't have those keys. So we strap in and head to Walgreens for Pampers. Did we pee our pants?...sure did. Poor fella's mom ran out of diapers but did remember an extra pair of pants. I'm not, however, smart enough to put something under him in the carseat. Mom-of-the-year Award, right here.

Sorry Jen, I'm thinking this is exactly the type of information you wish people wouldn't post :)

You guys take good care over there. See you soon.

jen –   – (January 11, 2010 at 2:32 PM)  

No Ann this is great stuff to post!! It's the way way personal stuff :) That story made me giggle so I hope it made Brandi's day and Scott giggle as well!!!

And I agree she is one hot mama with the heels!!

Anonymous –   – (January 11, 2010 at 3:30 PM)  

Keep on keepin on, Scott! Don't worry...we are freezing our asses off down here! it was 33 this morning!! although it doesn't sound that cold, for here its ridiculous!!

Anonymous –   – (January 11, 2010 at 3:53 PM)  

Tell Scott we have a piece of New York style pizza with his name on it. We'll bring it by as soon as Dr Ben gives the thumbs up. . . wait a second we have the same name maybe that's my piece!


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