The Mother of All Updates

Are you ready? I've got a lot to say and you're all going have to listen. So sit down, hang on LETS ROLL>>>

Starter - Scott is still stable. Things are going pretty well all things considered. The "icky" spots on the foot are still there and still "icky" (at least to my standards). Another spot has come up on Scott's heel. We're just going to watch, wait and see. Dr. Jacobs isn't crazy with concern over them so I'm taking his lead.

Speaking of Dr. Jacobs. Found out he read the blog for the first time today (Hi Dr. Jacobs! Thank you for saving my husband countless numbers of times. Kate and I will never, ever be able to repay you. We're so very grateful to have you in our corner.). And what blog post does he read? That's right kids none other than my True Stories from Rush post. MORTIFIED. He seemed to find it funny, thank goodness, but still MORTIFIED.

We're hoping for a quiet weekend with some physical therapy, visits with friends (Hello Sushi Night) and some family time.

Oh, we've also moved, again... Room 549 - city views, right outside the nurses station. Just where everyone wants us.

Now, on to other things.....had a very special visitor today baby Andrew Otis Simpson, oh and his mom Ann too. Sorry Ann, we don't love you any less you're just not as cute.

I also wanted to take a moment and go back to SICU and properly thank Barbara, Barbie, Barb, Babs.
Barb was with us the day Scott decided he was going to try really, really hard to bleed to death. Barb was with us in IR when Scott started bleeding (attempt #2 for the day). She stayed calm, cool and collected. She got Dr. Ben paged, got blood going and kept Scott with us. And through it all, the entire day, she made us laugh and kept us from losing faith. Only a special few can make you really laugh on a day that was as bad as that day was.

Barbs birthday was a week ago today so we gave her a pretty rocking card.
Figured she deserved one of the special cards that plays music AND has lights.
Yeah, we're cool like that. Be jealous, it's ok.

Barb, no words girl, no words.

As many of you have noticed the SICU staff is wicked hot. Seriously I've never seen a better looking group of nurses. Just look, come on....

Oh and for those that are interested, Barb (single), Jessica (taken), and Kelly (single)
It's my blog I'll play matchmaker if I want to! Oh and I'll cuss and I'll tell really inappropriate bathroom stories.
Keeping it real people, just keeping it real.

While going through the photos for this post I also came across these.

My mom took them during Kate's visit on Wednesday.
I don't always see it when I look at her but when I look at these pictures I realize just how much she looks like me. She got mostly my DNA (thank God) but look real close, she's got Scott's perfect white teeth and long, long eyelashes.
Thankfully she also has a lot of Scott's personality as well.
Two of me, I don't think the world could handle it.

This little girl, this pouty little, sassy, spunky, funny, wild little girl.... she's the reason we get up everyday. The reason we fight so hard. The reason we love so much.

Soon baby girl. Soon.....

Mark  – (January 23, 2010 at 7:23 AM)  

Sushi night!!! 9 hours away!!! We even have a special guest for the evening!! No its not David Copperfield.. But it rhymes with sushi.. good luck! Great update, see you guys soon!!


Alli –   – (January 23, 2010 at 7:30 AM)  

Great post! You have no idea how upset I am that we're gonna miss the's been on my list of meals since we moved out to the farmland because I haven't had it since we moved from the city. You're all in for a great meal!
Enjoy the view Scotty, but not too much. We want you to come home soon. Lil a has so many new tricks up his sleeve that he'd be happy to share with you. Lil r is also full of smiles that he'd like to show off, so get your butt movin' in p.t. and come home!
Hope you have a great day and fabulous evening. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Miss you guys.

Jen –   – (January 23, 2010 at 3:59 PM)  

Great post!! Enjoy sushi night!!! S4 and I will be eating pizza--dont worry S1 I reminded him we owe you a pizza!!

Bonnie is making her sunday trek downtown tomorrow!! We will see you next weekend!!

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