Mostly Routine

Had some visitors again.

Kate was entertaining Scott, Aunt Lynn and my mom with her binocular obsession.

My Uncle LaVerne wanted to be a piece of furniture.

And Bonnie (who has managed to stay out of photos) brought some serious re-enforcements.

It took all the will power I have to not slam that bottle of wine. I've been feeling particularly testy today. Stupidity is just not something I tolerate well and it's seems like I've been seeing a lot of it.

Scott was up again in a chair. This time for 1:40. He was very, very done by the time we got him back into bed. His heart rate was through the roof and he was in tons of pain. This is where you should reference the above stupidity comment. When I say he's getting uncomfortable and we need to move him don't go hide in the bathroom for 25 minutes. Go get another 2 people and move him you freaking morons.
I wish I could just move him myself but he's still heavy from all the fluids and I can't lift him and keep his leg safe.

In other Witt family news - I have lost one of our cats. Our precious Becky - the good one, not the evil cat that put Scott in the hospital for 3 days a few years back. I haven't seen her in two days. She's strictly an indoor kitty and doesn't really try to escape especially when it's cold outside. I've looked everywhere. Scott is so upset (as am I). I'm hoping she's found a really good hiding spot and is just mad at me.

When it rains in this house it freaking pours. And tonight I'm over it.


Late breaking news - Becky has been found. Thank God! She's was just so mad at me for Scott being gone that she wouldn't come out and hid in a very deep, very dark corner of a closet.
Thanks Mom for finding her when I had called off the search.

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