A Quiet Sunday

Boy was Saturday night a rough one for the Witt's. Poor K with her 5.2million teeth, Scott with his... well, Scott just being Scott. Then there is the me, running between them feeling like I'm not able to help them enough.
Tylenol, water, leg adjustments, cath, suction, leg cramping. Loads of fun.
But, the sun came up and the horrible night ended, as they all do.

Bring in a fresh new day.
Bubble baths to wash away the restless night.

The more bubbles the better.

Just like life, you've got to fill it up. All the way to the top.

Kate and I spent the morning getting a few things done in the world outside of our home. We even managed to get a breakfast snack with a friend. A nice change of pace for us.
Us leaving the house gave Scott a calm, quiet environment to sleep in. Too bad he didn't sleep. Scott is having a very hard time swallowing. His lungs are very full of junk and neither of us would be surprised if he had pneumonia.
He did manage a little nap after a lunch of yogurt, applesauce and pudding (all foods that are easiest to swallow). Just enough sleep to be able to enjoy a little time with BigDan and Kathy. And enjoy it we did.
Such wonderful friends. Taking the time to drive all the way out here. Though I secretly think they wanted to steal our medical equipment. I know BigDan tried to pocket my stethoscope for sure. You didn't think I saw that did you Dan? I see everything. Bwahahahaha...

Time to get everyone settled in for an early bedtime. Hoping for only sweet dreams for everyone.

BigDan  – (March 6, 2011 at 8:22 PM)  

Damn, you see everything!!! I did have to chuckle when you said you had a pulse ox! Only Brandi could score one of those.
Love ya'

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