Say What? a stream of conciousness

My precious baby girl, just three years and nine months old, is getting all four of her six year molars right now. We've already been warned that her mouth is too small for all her teeth and she gets the brilliant idea to add to things early... someone smack me please.
The small mouth thing is Scott's doing. We all know I have a big mouth.

Scott got out of bed for the first time since last Sunday. He was only up for 3 hours and spent some of that time asleep on the couch but he was up. He even participated in some Trivial Pursuit action with my parents. For those non-trivia geeks out there like me, the newest edition of Trivial Pursuit is awesome. The questions are much more realistic. I actually felt smart while playing, it was great.

Scott is so exhausted from his trip to the living room that I hope he sleeps well overnight. He's got to get ready for BigDan and Kathy's visit tomorrow. Kate has been jabbering non-stop about their visit going on endlessly about their dogs and how she wants to keep one of them here with us. Um, that's a negative captain.

I haven't had to actually make dinner this week. But, I've fed us all hot home cooked meals all week. How awesome is that? We're so lucky to have so many wonderful people caring for us. Scott and Kristin, Mike and Donna, BigDan and Kathy, there are not enough thank yous in the world. I would be very fat and we would be very broke if not for you guys.
Scott is still not able to eat much. He enjoys all the food tremendously though.

I've got several friends that are traveling right now and in the coming days. All of them heading to warm climates. Safe travels girls. I'm jealous as hell. Send some sunny pictures my way.

Hoping everyone is enjoying their weekends. May Sunday be full of rest for all of us.

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