We're moving along. Enjoying life.

Scott still hasn't had therapy. We made several phone calls today and got zero response so you all can guess what's going to happen tomorrow. Yep, that's right Brandi is going to go into full BITCH mode. He's been home 5 days and has not seen a single therapist.
We are taking the inititive and doing things on our own. I helped Scott get up standing today and he's doing a ton of OT. But still, no therapists.
If you all want to start banding together to collect bail money for me it might be prudent.

I worked with a few of the tendon name submissions. I've got a few others to "try out" tomorrow and I think by Friday I'll be able to name the winner. You guys did a great job. If I ever lose my mind and have that second child I so desperatly want I would let you guys name them.

Hoping for a peaceful night and a productive tomorrow.

Anonymous –   – (March 10, 2010 at 7:52 AM)  

You'll miss out on a new salad I'm trying if you're in jail, so just stay cool, calm, and collected...and get those PTs to your house!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous –   – (March 10, 2010 at 7:57 AM)  

Let the Bitchin begin!
However; We do want to visit you once while your behind bars just to take pictures of you - White knuckled, teeth bared, snarling, really pissed of Bradi. We'll BLOG that....
You know they do bring you meals and take away you tray there. I hear it's pretty reliable and clean service in there.

Don't forget if Scotty needs help, Mark is able bodied and can take your PT direction to help you Brandi. I have a feeling somehow there will be a therapy session happening asap ( The Rath of Brandi can move mountains & quad keggerators!)
I read and cried my eyes out over Layla and her family last night.
Kiss & hug everyone you love,

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