K is so beyond excited having Daddy home. Every morning she asks if he's here. It takes all the energy I have to get her bathed and dressed before un-leashing her and allowing her to go downstairs.
Once she's down there - watch out Scott

She just wanted her daddy to read to her.
She's been so good around Scott's leg/foot. She gives it kisses and is gentle to it. Which is why I wasn't worried when she latched on to baby Ryan tonight.

Ryan seemed content to just hang with Uncle Scott.

We had a yummy dinner with the Donahue's.
K was worn out by Adam (thank you Adam).
I got baby snuggle time.
And Scott got to see an adult face other than mine.
Throw in the PT therapist that finally made an apperance (after much bitching) and you have the makings for a very happy family.

Anonymous –   – (March 11, 2010 at 7:45 AM)  

Hey there Witt Family,
So glad you all had a good day. Love the pictures that are up here. I had to laugh at the closet picture with all the first aid/dressing stuff. It reminds me a little of when Jonny had his 2nd degree burns. We had a TON of first aid stuff too. Matter of fact we still have a closet full of it. Oh well at least we'll be prepared for just about anything :0). Praying that things continue to go well. And I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday.

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous –   – (March 11, 2010 at 3:52 PM)  

So........ No pix of Brandi behind bars? No bail needed.
Oh well, we have better pix to take. like in the last post, I absolutely loved it! That's just precious and wonderful.
So are the therapists up to par or are their heads on the chopping block?
Hoping they're awesome and helpful,
See you soon Scotty and Ladies,

Kath  – (March 12, 2010 at 11:46 AM)  

Glad you didn't have to "go Brandi" on the PT!
Thinking of you guys and feeling a need to cook something soon!

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