Talk To Me Baby & The Winner

We love all the comments on here, as you know. So I'm going to do another round of commenting the comments.
I like to keep it realz and talk to my peeps.

In no particular order
Jay'me From the Bail post -
Let the Bitchin begin!
However; We do want to visit you once while your behind bars just to take pictures of you - White knuckled, teeth bared, snarling, really pissed of Brandi. We'll BLOG that....
You know they do bring you meals and take away you tray there. I hear it's pretty reliable and clean service in there

J- is this supposed to keep me out of jail? All it made me want to do is commit some petty crime where nobody would really get hurt but I would have to spend some time behind bars. And you know I would totally pose for some great photos.

Kath From the Family post
Glad you didn't have to "go Brandi" on the PT!
Thinking of you guys and feeling a need to cook something soon

K- Please, please send food. We're only an hour away. I am embarrassed to admit what we had for dinner last night. It involved cereal, leftovers, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Now the mac and cheese and hot dogs were organic and the cereal was Captn' Crunch WITH crunch berries but still. *Hangs head in shame*
It doesn't come close to the crawfish bisque (with stuffing balls), the chicken crepes, the seafood gumbo, andouille and duck etoufee or other delicious items you stuffed us with.

Mark from the Could It Be post
I'm sure her uncles will still be cranking out tunes then and if she isn't too embarrassed with singing Maneater or being on stage with some crusty old men then she'll have a spot on stage anytime!! :)

M- She would totally rock Maneater. But I think she might prefer some Journey.

Nate from the Could It Be post
I am supposed to be studying for finals so if you could stop updating your blog and distracting me I would appreciate it. I really want to come by and say hello (as well as bring a little scotch or other drink of your choosing) during my spring break if that would be ok with you guys.

N - As you can tell I listen really well. I'm sure you already knew that about me.
You, with or without your bottle, are welcome in our house anytime. We don't have much of a life at the moment - who am I kidding we've never had much of a life - anyways, come on out anytime. Seriously, anytime. Hell you could move in. I would only make you do dressing changes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

RRR & Jay'me in the Could It Be post

awe hell just go back and read them...

Kids - no fighting. K can learn frog catching ways from everyone because her momma sure isn't going to teach her. Oh and RRR - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHA!

Nancy in the Sunshine, Roses etc..
I'm wearing track shoes if you need me.

N- I LOVE this line and plan on stealing it and passing it off as my own. Just thought you should know.
Come on over anytime(see previous note to Nate). Maybe we can even coordinate with Bonnie we still need to hear about her trip down South. And we kind of miss her, having not seen her the last 2 Sundays.

And finally...
Anonymous in the Randomness - Yes it a Word post

joan rivers looks like a rat and she is white trash

Annon - All right fess up which one of you likes Miley Cyrus? We need laughter in our home so kindly fess up so we can cackle like crazy people while we wonder how you ever became our friend.
Just teasing, kind of.

And now......
With out further adieu......
The winner of the Name Scott's Tendon Contest......

There were lots of strong candidates. Casper, Tighty Whitey, Wiitis, Tendy, Chewy, White Lightning, Otis, Eastwood, Hercules, Tricky Dicky... just to name a few....

I tried them out every night. I'd use them during the day - saying things like "Alright Chewy back into bed" and "Casper, you're not so friendly today."

But in the end we went with.....

Congratulations............... KEVIN!!!!

Brand name of some fine beef jerky and bloody fun to say. Everyone try it OHHHH-Bear-Toe. It rolls off the tongue.

In the end we liked it best because it could be mean, it could be nice, and I usually say it with my Spanish accent that sounds a little Russian and makes me laugh at myself.

So what does Kevin win....

Why it's a bouquet of beef jerky! Just what everyone always wanted.
oh and tossed in the middle is your very own RUSH t-shirt.
Email us to collect your winnings.

Well, kids lots to do on this rainy Saturday. We're expecting to see some fantastic friends today.

In honor of the rain here's my favorite picture from yesterday - yes I took my kid out in the rain to play at the park. We're going stir crazy. Don't judge, she loved it.

Thanks for "chatting with me"

Kath  – (March 13, 2010 at 3:59 PM)  

Let's just say that there is cooking going on and we'll be in touch!!!!!!
Love all the pics!

Anonymous –   – (March 13, 2010 at 4:52 PM)  

Kate looks sooooo Cute, must take after cousin Sara. lol
A Lil rain never hurt anyone. Dancing in the rain is good for the soul and the mood.
Lot of love Sara

Anonymous –   – (March 13, 2010 at 6:29 PM)  

As I'm reading this I have to laugh because I'm feeding my children macaroni & cheese with hotdogs!! Some days you just have to!!!


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