Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away

This is Kate

This is Kate flying

She loves it almost as much as her mom does.

We weren't up long but it was fantastic.

Had a great day. Looking forward to tomorrow with Tom, Ann and AO. Before bed Kate was planning her outfit and was telling me which toys she will let AO play with.
"Him to ittle for my 'puter Mom. It only for big kids. I big see" (stretches as tall as possible). sigh

All of the comments last night and today were wonderful. They had me cracking up which is always welcomed around here. Thanks for all the love guys. This lady is a wacka doo. But, it's my blog and I'll always get the last say *insert evil laugh here*. No emails today so hopefully you guys shut her up. I think it might have been the comment from Rev. Nick. Kind of hard to argue with a reverend. Yep, our posse' kicks ass.

Going to try to watch the first episode of The Pacific on DVR - want to take guesses on how far I get until I'm fast asleep or interrupted? That's why I pink puff heart DVR, I'll just pause it and try again later. Ahhh....modern technology.


Anonymous –   – (March 28, 2010 at 12:44 AM)  

So Cuz I had this cute lil thing all planned out and then I went and F'ed it up. We went on an outing tonight with Brent's extended family and I wore my all too comfy sweatshirt (thanks again). Anyway, I started out leaving home with a pic of me and the sweatshirt all buckled up ready to go and was going to take pics through out the night of the sweatshirts travels, hugs ( there are always lots of those with this group)and conversation etc. THEN we got to the destination and I got a cpl of adult beverages in me and well I DROPPED THE BALL. So all we have is a pic of me and the sweatshirt all buckled up ready to go. lol BUT...... Please know it did have a wonderful time. It was hugged lots patted a few times and had nothing spilled on it. It kept me warm and dry (it was raining here) all and all a succesful night for me and the rush sweatshirt. :)

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