Almost 3 or Almost 13?

Actual quote -
"Be QUIET! I working on my 'puter"

On the heels of having to wear the "big dress" (seen below) yesterday to go see Adam I'm a more than a little afraid.

She likes the spin.

I think I'll go hide now.

Wanted to say a quick hello to Kay who's recovering from a small surgery. So glad everything went well and things are already headed back to normal. Believe me when I say - follow the doctors orders and you'll be just fine.

Everything in the WWW is status quo which is a beautiful thing.
K still has her cough. But, with no fever we're just treating it as a cold. Scott's laryngitis is better unless he talks to much so I tell him to "Shut up" a lot. Kidding, I'm not a fan on the SU. I'm more of a STFU (shut the fuck up) type of gal. Scott's other cold symptoms have their moments of flare up but for the most part are under control. I tell him he can't complain because he has the morphine. I think that should be a life rule.

One final thought - to the annonymous email bitch (yes I can tell you're female) -
I don't give a rats ass if God will love me more if I swear less.
I'm pretty sure with the economy, natural disasters, disease, and general shittyness that is life, God is not paying any attention to any curse words I may use. And if He is, I'm pretty sure he knows what's really in my heart when I say things like "this is fucking horrible" or "I'm sick of my family being shit on". Yeah, pretty sure my direct dial with God isn't the one you should be worrying about. So kindly stop emailing me about it. Go away crazy lady. Thank you kindly.

Happy weekend everyone. Trying to come up with a new contest.... taking ideas....

Anonymous –   – (March 27, 2010 at 12:35 AM)  

This research was completed at Keele University in England, led by Professor

Richard Stephens, and published in the journal – Neuron August 5, 2009.

1. Profanity actives your Right Hemisphere, triggering your Amygdala, the key to emotions (Limbic System). This brain structure causes your heart to speed up, eyes to dilate, and other physical survival tactics.

2. When your heartbeat accelerates, you activate your Sympathetic Nervous System, causing epinephrine (adrenaline) to flow into your bloodstream.

The next step is activation of your Fight-or-Flight Syndrome.

Your entire body and mind are sent to war for your survival. You get more oxygen, more glucose (blood sugar energy), and are prepared to act like a warrior.

Brandi, if I have ever met a warrior, it is you! Your flight-or-fight response is in tact and definitely leans towards the fight! Although I know you secretly want to be Amelia Earhart, so there's your flight!
I love "bitching" Brandi, she gets things done!
I love "snuggle" Brandi, she makes my kids happy and loved.
I love "tequila" Brandi, she's my partner in crime
I love "fondue-ing" Brandi, she makes my tummy happy.
I love "Target" Brandi, she gets fun stuff!
I love "Starbucks" Brandi, she gives herself a minute of enjoyment.
I love "friend" Brandi, she makes sure her door is always open.
I love "cursing" Brandi, she uses words accurately and vividly, portraying reality of her life.
There are more, but it's sleepy night night time...Love ya, B!
Alli Palli

Anonymous –   – (March 27, 2010 at 11:11 AM)  

I almost seriously LOL cause abviously whoever is e-mailing you has no idea who the F%ck (sorry had to) you are and needs to assess their own life. If by chance you figure out who it is and it happens (god forbid) to be one of my people, let me know. I will SHOW them some curse words. Maybe they should take a look at the motto of "don't judge someone til you have walked a mile in their shoes." And if they had then they would understand why you say things they way you do. Futhermore it truly is none of their business.

That being said glad things are going well (for the most part)in WWW. K is so dang adorable you should be scared, trust me!
Lots of love n hugs Sara

Jen –   – (March 27, 2010 at 11:21 AM)  

Wow! Swearing and God will not love you? That is a new one. I think with the last few years you have had to deal with, God should be more concerned about how you feel about the cards you have been dealt by him. I mean if we are going to be philosophical and all here he has some power to make one shitty event not as shitty as the last or the next. Let me have her email and I can do some therapy with her :0)

Love Jen

S4 says that God won't let you have cupcakes if you keep swearing ;0) Oh, wait we bring those so I guess keep on swearing!

Anonymous –   – (March 27, 2010 at 12:57 PM)  

You Know, That crazy woman is probably Mark laughing as he watches the aftermath.... And if not, all I can say is FUCK. SHIT. FUCK. SHIT. FUCK. SHIT. FUCK. SHIT. FUCK. SHIT. Okay.... Get over it! Go find a trucker to save from himself. Not our Brandi who has earned a few swear words.... That's right Jesus will forgive her and God should give her a FREE PASS! He owes her.
Yes, it's 'me and No you can't have my personal address ;0(~

Nate  – (March 27, 2010 at 1:10 PM)  

God you have some unreal friends Witts you know that. You are so lucky to have this kind of support. Im soo sorry I missed you guys the other day when you were at my home away from home (Rush). I had the absolute day/week from hell and seeing your faces would have made things a lot better. Please let me know next time your coming (I saw 6 weeks somewhere in that blog) and ill make sure my patients stop dying for at least 5 min so I can come give you both a hug. I love you guys and am glad things are going well.

Oh and I just wanted to throw in a big 'ol FUCK for the crazy email bitch.

Anonymous –   – (March 27, 2010 at 1:30 PM)  

Hahaha! I will never forget the first time I met you both and said "Pardon my french..." and you both very seriously said "Don't you EVER say that around us again, you can say whatever you want". HAHA! And that! is just ONE reason you guys are awesome :)

Nick  – (March 27, 2010 at 3:26 PM)  

"Yeah, pretty sure my direct dial with God isn't the one you should be worrying about."

You go, Girl!!!

Rev. Nick

Anonymous –   – (March 27, 2010 at 9:57 PM)  

Sooo ????? Any comments ? Please tell me that wasn't my M-in-Law....
any Email address to reply too ?

Anonymous –   – (March 29, 2010 at 9:10 AM)  

Actions speak louder than words.....your actions are outstanding...

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