Little Things

"Why the hell are you showing us your dirty dishes? That's it call in the men with the white strappy jacket. She's finally lost it."

Ah but kids, as usual there is a reason for my madness.

I found this dirty dish in the sink (lasagna noodle bake - Thanks BigDan and Kath) after Scott's lunch. Guess what.... go ahead and guess... I didn't put it there.
So who dun it?
No, we don't let our almost 3 year old play with our Mikasa dishes.
No, we didn't have a play date.
No, we didn't hire a maid (much to my dismay).
In fact it was only the three of us all day.

By gum I think you've got it Sherlock.
Scott put the dirty dish in the sink.
*waits while all the OT girls swoon*

So some of you are probably thinking I'm making a big ass deal out of something silly and little. Allow me to shed some light on things for you.
Scott hasn't cleared his own dishes in probably a year.
Before the most recent stay he was using a walker. walker + dishes = BAD Go a little further back, 9 months*ish, Scott was always too tired to safely put his dishes in the sink. Over a year of doing all the dishes ALONE will make one crazy.

So, when I finished changing all the batteries in the smoke detectors to keep them from chirping at 1am like they did this morning, and found this

I was over the moon.
Scott had finished up lunch, got his plate all the way across the kitchen, navigating around the kitchen table and the island, rinsed his plate and left it soaking in the sink. No napkins or water bottles to clean on the table.
Scott was sitting all the way across the room waiting for me to help him transfer to the couch. Not because he needed me but just a precaution.

I'm mighty excited... can't you tell....

In other WWW news -
K is doing better. She's remained fever free. Her croupy cough still sounds like crap but she's doing pretty well.
I think emotionally she's healing too. Every night since Scott's return home, she's been very clingy and wanting to know "what people get me up?". Meaning who would be there for her in the morning.
While Scott was in the hospital I would tell her when I put her to bed who would be getting her up in the morning. This was my way of taking out the apprehension.
Well, tonight when she asked "what people get me up?" and I answered "Mama will, I'll be here all night and I'll get you up in the morning."
Her response "oh no, maybe Papa and Grammy come. Rachel want to play wif me".

Hmmm.... me thinks the girl child is sick of me. This too makes me oddly excited.

Nothing new to report on Scott's leg. Bio-Glue continues to come out. Tendon continues to hang out for the whole world to see. Knee continues to swell to the size of Nicole Richie's head and hurts more than my ears when I hear a Taylor Swift song.

With any luck I'll be posting some before and after pictures of Scott's haircut tomorrow. Planning a big outing to the hair salon. Hopefully it goes well.
Wish us luck.

Anonymous –   – (March 19, 2010 at 12:36 AM)  

Yahooooooo!!! Now Scott, could you please teach Dan the art of cleaning up the dishes after he is's the first thing I do every morning before letting a-train out of his "cage"...usually a bowl, glass, and pop can...or beer bottle...
Great news on self-reliance front. As for Kate, what a doll...I'd get her out of bed in the morning just to see the hair!
Hope to hear of more advances tomorrow.

Jen –   – (March 19, 2010 at 11:50 AM)  

Good news!

Happy Friday and enjoy your day and weekend!

Love and Miss!

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