I've been stalling writing this post. Usually I'm writing a post in my head through out the day. Organizing thoughts, deciding what to ramble about, digging through the soggy mush that is my brain. Today my head was buzzing all day so I got no pre-writing done. Thus my stalling.

What I'm sure most of you are wondering about was our trip to RUSH. The visit to Dr. Jacobs is exactly what I thought it would be - pretty much. Completely undressed Scott leg with PA Jenn's help. Got to the thigh and a small vein decided to flip its lid and spray blood all over, good thing Jenn was the one that moved that gauze and not me.
Dr. Jacobs used silver nitrate to stop the bleeding. He was kind enough to teach me how to use it and send us home with some.
We changed up the the thigh dressing a bit but in general Dr. Jacobs was fine with it's progress.
The lower leg including both tendons got the "it looks good for what it is" from Dr. Jacobs - exactly as I predicted.
So I guess I'm doing exactly what I should be doing and it's up to someone or something other than me to make this leg right. Dr. Jacobs did repeat that this is a L.O.N.G process. We go back in 6 weeks.

While we were at RUSH we saw lots of our friends. PT Nate and Kate plus 8 - Becca, Lorraine, Terri, Carole, Janet, Mary Kay, Heather, Rosa.
We saw a few others too but the story is funnier this way.
It was great to see everyone. Even better to get to leave just a few hours after coming in.
BigDan and Kathy were of course there. And they didn't disappoint with a delicious and already completely gone taco casserole.
We sure do miss all of you. Lots of love, lots and lots of love.

We also FINALLY got an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Next Wednesday. It can't get here fast enough. Having to hold off on Scott's PT is really frustrating to both of us.

No specific plans for tomorrow. Few errands to run but that's it. Really looking forward to it. Shouldn't let myself get too excited or I might have a furnace failure or something - never tempt fate.


Anonymous –   – (March 23, 2010 at 11:06 PM)  

Brandi,you are doing everything right.The leg is unfortunately the result of the friggin disease.Always blame the disease.I hope the garage door got fixed.Glad you all got to see your pals at Rush and continue on home.We have been spending a day here and there at Northwestern hospital consulting about my daughter Julies pituitary gland tumor.Again you know the routine,fun and more fun.After next week(spring break) I'll call and see if Scott would like a visit.Nancy and Gary Keep the faith.
hope the garage door got fixed

Anonymous –   – (March 24, 2010 at 6:45 AM)  

I hope today is a good too.

Anonymous –   – (March 24, 2010 at 9:26 AM)  

Good morning Scott, Brandi and Kate. Glad to hear your appointment went okay and that you are doing everything you can to make the leg better. I can imagine it's very frustrating seeing such slow progress (and some set backs) despite all your effort and care. Determined people like yourselves are used to working your booty off and getting results...making things happen for yourself. You are right though, something or someone else has to help out with this one. Your meticulous care allows the opportunity.

Andrew and I went to Grandma's yesterday. We had a great time. We went for a walk outside and AO seemed to miss the sirens, people everywhere and cars zooming by. I never thought I'd be raising a city kid. He loved Grandma's puppy though giggling when she ran around in front of him. He had fun with Grandma and gave her loves and hugs.

Tom went to dinner with Dwayne last night, a "hoof to tail" restaurant. I'll let him explain that one to ya. What I know is that he came home with homemade nutter butters with chocolate dipping sauce. Good golly they were yummy. I sure am a lucky girl.

I hope you all have a more restful day today and of course that Scott's leg does some good healing.


Anonymous –   – (March 24, 2010 at 4:52 PM)  



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